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Joe Ennis: Your New Jersey & New York Mortgage Loan Officer

Many factors come into play when trying to obtain mortgage financing in NJ & NY in today’s environment. One of the challenges shouldn’t be the individual you’re relying on to assist you.

Whether you are obtaining a mortgage for your first home, or have been through the process many times before, it’s important to make sure you’re working with someone who knows the landscape. Let my 30+ years of experience and knowledge of all facets of the mortgage financing business work for you!

Even in this market, you may have a variety of options for mortgage financing.  Understanding what they are and why is crucial to your decision-making process. Obtaining mortgage financing for your home is a large financial endeavor; make sure you have knowledge before you decide which mortgage solution is right for you.

Find the Home Loan You Need with a MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER IN NJ & NY

When looking to finance a new home or refinancing, you need a mortgage loan officer you can trust. Everyone has heard the horror stories of people who were misled by unscrupulous mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers. Knowing the truth about the mortgage financing options available is crucial.  In order to avoid finding yourself in a terrible situation, you need a mortgage loan officer who has experience working with a variety of products and a history of delivering honest advice.

Mortgage Financing In NJ & NY

People in need of mortgage financing in NJ & NY have the advantage of having a local mortgage loan officer who has more than 30 years of experience helping people secure the right type of mortgage financing to fit their needs.  I can help you decide which one of these options is best for your situation:

VA Loan: These loans, which require no money down and allow the seller to pay closing costs, are available to both activity duty and retired members of the military. While the Veteran Administration does not offer direct lending, it does guarantee a portion of the mortgage.

* USDA Loans: The government offers mortgages in approved areas through out NJ & NY, which may not be as rural as one might expect. Certain income limits apply in order to be approved for this kind of mortgage financing.

* Conventional Loans: Conforming conventional mortgages in are the traditional “plain vanilla loans,” which require a down payment of 3 to 20 percent or more, with a credit score that is usually no less than 620. In order to be considered conforming, the loan amount must not be greater than $417,000 for a single family home.

FHA Loans: These low down payment loans only require a 3.5 percent down payment and there is more flexibility when evaluating credit history than with conventional mortgage loans. FHA loans are popular with first time home-buyers as they are minimal down payment loans. FHA also offers refinancing for homeowners who want to reduce their rate or need to take cash out in order to satisfy certain goals.

Reverse Mortgages: Have you ever had the thought “Is there such a thing as a mortgage that pays me money?” A reverse mortgage for those over 62 years old allows the homeowner to take a loan against the equity in their home. While not suited for everyone, this option can help a senior get access to some needed cash.  Reverse mortgages can provide a monthly payout to the homeowner and / or a lump sum payout and require no monthly principal and interest payments.

The Advantages of a dealing with an experienced Mortgage Loan Officer

One of the advantages of dealing with an experienced mortgage loan officer like myself, is that over the years I have developed an extensive network of professionals that can be a resource for your transaction.  In addition, my experience allows me to help you avoid some common pitfalls in the mortgage process. Contact Joe Ennis at (201) 538-1140 to secure the mortgage financing that is right for you!